Thursday, June 25, 2009

London Town

Whenever possible, our feet are the preferred mode of transportation. We took full advantage of the sun shining in the sky this week with one epic walk. London is enchanting in the summer time, smiling people, full sidewalks, outdoor dining and all the green...

My hubs + I live in the southwest so we began by wandering through Fulham / up to South Kennsington / with grande-finale stroll through the lovely Hyde Park. After this 6 hour escapade we hopped on the Marble Arch Tube - to give our feet some deserved rest. Here's some highlights:

Thursday, June 18, 2009

SEW the Possiblities...

When I was a just a little lady in high school I had the chance to take part in a class called Project Discovery. Nope- this class did not involve spacesuits or constellations, but rather in retrospect, a very progressive golden opportunity. The participating students had the chance to ask a question, any question (appropriate for an upstanding lady attending an all girl catholic high school) and then actively pursue an answer for a year + a half - resulting in a thesis paper + presentation of your discoveries in front of a panel of experts in the subject.

I've always loved to make things with my hands + I had just discovered Built by Wendy - I decided that my year + half would consist of learning how to sew + constructing a piece of haute couture (don't laugh). The result was one custom designed and constructed prom dress and yes indeed a wearable art piece (a fish skirt with hand painted scales + netting top - oh goodness).

Although I've since forgotten how to properly thread a bobbin + traded in sewing needles for a computer mouse - I think I'm ready to sit back down and give it a go. A spiffy new sewing machine should do the trick + Built by Wendy is still making me want to sew my heart out almost 10 years later!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Backpack Love

I was sitting here thinking about where in the world we were last year at this time...

Singapore. Lovely Singapore. We arrived as weary wide-eyed travelers - after being nomads for a couple months already. This was our first stop + starting point for South east Asia. There was a feeling of this tangible excitement as we wandered the streets, soaked in the new atmosphere + smells - as the soundtrack for the Beach played on loop in our heads. It was hot, sticky + we were ready to roam...

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Letterpress Heaven

So my good friend + insane designer - Ness sent some photos over my way of a wedding invitation we worked on together. After oodles of hard work - I was ├╝ber excited to see the final product!

The main invite was a letterpress poster (approx. 8x19") white ink on navy paper that folded down into a custom letter pressed self-folding envelope. It had custom designed patterns + type throughout. I wish I could letterpress the world!

many thanks to the wonderful crankypressman

Lost in Translation

Since crossing the pond - I've been working my way through some new vocabulary. I've spent many trips to the grocery looking for cilantro - only to leave in confused, frustrated and cilantro-less.

This went on + on until I finally figured out that cilantro is coriander (a truly Finkle is Einhorn kind of moment). Since I'm so entertained by these little differences in vernacular - I've been compiling lists of all my new vocabulary. I wanted to start sharing + have been working on some illustrations - we can start with some veg.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


I love to cook. I love to watch shows about cooking. Love to read about cooking. Love to eat what I cook. I think you get it.

Since moving to England I've become hooked on the show Come Dine with Me (careful when you click on the link - you might get stuck there for a couple hours). The idea is five strangers cook for one another each night for a week + score. Simple, but with the addition of clever commentary, heavy alcohol consumption and the occasional tussle, the outcome is highly entertaining.

I've been thinking I don't really have a competitive dinner menu. I have been working through this + one happy husband later - I think I've got a winner for the dessert (or pudding as it's called here)...Homemade Meringue stuffed with whip cream + fresh berries. YUM.

My devastatingly handsome husband has been studying so very hard - took some time out to sample my creation...

Homemade Meringue Stuffed with Whip Cream + Fresh Berries
2 egg whites (make sure there are NO egg yolks or won't thicken)
1/2 cup sugar
non-stick oven paper

berry whipped cream

1 cup double cream
handful of fresh chopped berries

Heat the oven to 225 degrees Fahrenheit - crack egg white into large mixing bowl - add half of the sugar - start whipping (I don't have an electric mixer - unless you want a frustratingly intense 45 min. whipping work-out - I highly recommend an electric mixer (lucky you). Whip the egg white + sugar - gradually add in the rest of the sugar. The mixture will get nice and thick (should be shiny too). You can stop mixing when the mixture sticks to the bowl when turn upside down.

Drop teaspoons of the mixture onto baking sheet with a non-stick piece of paper. The mixture should make about 12-14 meringue. Pop in the heated oven for 45 min. Turn off the oven at the end of that time + leave in the oven for another hour.

Meanwhile I whip double cream(I do this by hand - will pay with killer wrist cramps!). Cut up fresh berries - I use black berries + strawberries. Mix into whipped cream.

Take the fresh Meringue out of the oven - stuff em' + then eat em'!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009


I have that summer itch....the itch when all you can think about is the cute things you want to frolic around in! Since I'm on super budget (on which a cute little floral number isn't a part of) I think I'll close my eyes + dream...