Monday, July 26, 2010

Waffle Quest

Just one more food post! I swear I'm eating carrots for the next month straight.

I've openly declared my love for pancakes, well I'm also partial to it's close cousin the waffle. With my parents in town, I took the opportunity to go on a glorified waffle expedition, AKA a trip to Belgium.

Together we embarked on a search for the elusive (not so much, I ate 4 of em') liege waffle. Before leaving, a dear friend sat me down and schooled me about what to look out for - Forget those square traditional waffles - head straight towards the irregular shaped ones + make sure they're FRESH! So we made our way through Bruges and Brussels, seeing the sights, filling our bellies and washing it all down with some Kriek.

Well with a limited time schedule, but careful consideration - I can say hands down most delicious + freshest liege waffle I tasted during my stay came from vitalgaufre.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Before + After

Went on back to London Town with my parents. Being their first trip, we made a mandatory fish + chips stop at Geales. Yes it's big + yes it's fried + yes you need a nap after, but it's worth the trip.