Thursday, June 18, 2009

SEW the Possiblities...

When I was a just a little lady in high school I had the chance to take part in a class called Project Discovery. Nope- this class did not involve spacesuits or constellations, but rather in retrospect, a very progressive golden opportunity. The participating students had the chance to ask a question, any question (appropriate for an upstanding lady attending an all girl catholic high school) and then actively pursue an answer for a year + a half - resulting in a thesis paper + presentation of your discoveries in front of a panel of experts in the subject.

I've always loved to make things with my hands + I had just discovered Built by Wendy - I decided that my year + half would consist of learning how to sew + constructing a piece of haute couture (don't laugh). The result was one custom designed and constructed prom dress and yes indeed a wearable art piece (a fish skirt with hand painted scales + netting top - oh goodness).

Although I've since forgotten how to properly thread a bobbin + traded in sewing needles for a computer mouse - I think I'm ready to sit back down and give it a go. A spiffy new sewing machine should do the trick + Built by Wendy is still making me want to sew my heart out almost 10 years later!

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