Saturday, February 20, 2010

New Work - Parsons Paris

I've been working with Parsons Paris these last couple months to design + develop a summer site showcasing their classes. In addition we worked in a simple cart to make the overall summer abroad experience easy + inviting. Much like Paris is the backdrop to the school, I've attempted to translate the same feeling on the site. I couldn't be happier with the outcome!

You can view the site here: - Would love to know what you think!


Thomas said...

Just my 5 cents for what it is worth:

I think that you made a good overall job with the site. The bw background with the yellow/black color scheme works well together.

First I felt a bit strange with the fixed yellow square on the left side, but after a while that too felt like a nice detail (perhaps not necessary, but nice).

If I need to critique something it would be the long masses of text set in serif italic/fairly small size. Some browsers render it difficult to read, further emphasized by the small size. Georgia almost always (imho) needs a bit bigger size in html to be readable.

The yellow footer also ends up a bit dull/awkward. With very small adjustments it could have been made super.

Anyways, I guess critique in this point is a tad bit too late. ;) As a whole it is still solid work.

Lisa / birdie birdie said...

Thanks Thomas - the site is still a work in progress - I appreciate the constructive feedback.

Monica Aguinaga said...

I really like this site, specially the background and the color scheme..
Now I want to go to Paris Parsons...:)

Courtney said...

the site looks amazing- you're very talented!